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Future Problem Solvers: 2023 State Competition

Future Problem Solvers: 2023 State Competition
Flagler Schools

Students from Flagler Schools once again headed to Orlando for the state Future Problem Solver competition, and dozens are now moving on to Internationals!

Flagler Schools has supported the Future Problem Solving (FPS) program for years, and while the names and faces change, the success our students encounter on the big stage continues. This year, 157 students from Flagler Schools took part, with 39 of them earning a coveted invitation to the FPS International competition, which will be held at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in June.

Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt says, “These are the students who will be leading our community and our country in years to come and are elevating excellence in all they do. Opportunities such as FPS give our kids the opportunity to shine outside a traditional classroom setting. We already know we’ve got great scholars in Flagler County. This lets the rest of the state and the world confirm what we know.”

Here is the breakdown from Orlando:

Matanzas High School

Matanzas High School had 11 students attend the state competition. Eight of them earned an invitation to Internationals (as marked by an * asterisk).

In Community Problem Solving, Ben Kopach was awarded 1st place in Individual Project with Help Wanted. *

Team Just SCREAM was awarded 1st place in Team Project. They are made up of Lily Lisowski, Olivia Chochev, Eva Luis, Donald Khek, Lorraine Wilson, Ava Muldoon, and Megan Rhee. *

Matt Carleton’s Food Allergy Awareness project earned him 1st place for Individual Project.

In Global Issues Team Writing, Olivia Chochev, Eva Luis, Lilly Lisowski, and Lily Ames earned 6th place, while 4th place went to Matt Carleton, Ava Muldoon, Megan Rhee, and Amy Leonardi.

In Presentation of Action Plan, Olivia Chochev, Eva Luis, Lilly Lisowski, Lily Ames, and Donanl Khek earned 5th place.

Finally, in MAGIC (Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Problem-Solving Competition), Donald Khek earned 3rd place in Team Writing, Middle Division.

Indian Trails Middle School

Indian Trails Middle School sent 62 students to States, and 17 of them earned an invite to Internationals.

In the Community Problem Solving competition, 2nd place in the Education category went to Leader League. That team is made up of Grace Brocksmith, Karolyn Whitney, Peyton Cerasi, Maya Swierczynski, Maddie Butts, and Ava Anderson.

1st place in that same category went to Project MESS *, which is Ryan Castro, Tony Pacilli, Sean Barnes, Mason Gamble, Giles Platt, Tristan Norman, and Will Wells.

1st place in the Civic & Culture category was Tuned In *. That team is comprised of Isaiah Jack, Alex Berenblit, Garret Tucker, Paris Milton, Riley Eidman, Kendall Willis, Ellah Cherry, Wesley Kopach, and Kashvi Sagar.

The 2nd place team in the Civic & Culture category was Project LOVE. Wyatt Davis, Willa Ames, and Sam D’Ascheberg make up that team.

MAGIC Team writers in the Junior division were:

5th Place, Chase Renuart and 4th Place, Maddy Aguilar.

In the Middle division, Alex Berenblit, Maddie Butts, Jacob Gibson, and Maya Swierczynski earned 5th Place. 4th Place went to Jordan Wilson, Anri Gagoshidze, Tristan Norma, and Allie Sims. 3rd Place was Eliana Mendez and Kiley Golding. 2nd Place was Macie Araujo, Alena Karanas, Lilly Rodrigue, and Chloe Ascone. The 1st Place team was made up of Sydney Mahon, Mason Gamble, Kashvi Sagar.

Sam D’Ascheberg, Wyatt Davis, Giles Platt, Tony Pacilli, Allie Sims, Eliana Mendez, and Lilly Rodrigue came in 4th place in Presentation of Action Plan, while Holden Carleton was 5th place in Scenario Writing. Scenario Performance in the Middle Division was Holden Carleton in1st place. *

Rymfire Elementary School

Rymfire Elementary School had 22 students participate in Orlando. Seven earned a spot in Internationals.

The 1st Place Junior Community Problem Solving Team Project was Project Helpers, made up of Roman Lipkovich, Eli Christlieb, Lilly Raad, Bell Glasco, Katelyn Castello, Aaliyah Auriemma, and Cameron Short. *

The 2nd Place Junior Team Project was The Achievers. This is Monica Vazques, Khubseerat Zafar, Ben Johnsen, Brady Rezendes, Lily Niemann, Tanner Mckinney, Skylar Weston, Kate Zapata, and Benjamin Hurley.

The 3rd Place Junior Team Project was Reading Rescuers. That team is Piper Burford, Priya Vargas, Mackenzie MacDonald, Alina Syniuk, Mia Puccio, Wilhelm Skutans, and Brenden Scarbough-Sanders.

In the Presentation of Action Plan, the team made up of Pipe Burford, Mackenzie MacDonald, Brady Rezendes, Cameron Short, Brenden Scarbough-Sanders, Benjamin Hurley, and Tanner McKinney earned 6th Place in the Junior Division.

For MAGIC Team Writing, Rymfire Roadrunners were 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st. It was Roman Lipkovich, Mackenzie MacDonald and Kubseerat Zafar, Eli Christlieb, Bella Glasco, and Piper Burford, respectively.

Flagler-Palm Coast High School

Flagler-Palm Coast High School had 47 students earn a spot at States. Five of them have been invited to Internationals.

In Global Issues Team Writing, the 7th Place team in the Middle Division was Abigail Blumengarten, Ava Mello, Arianna Slaughter, and Victoria DaSilva-Cargalheira.

In the Senior Division, 4th Place goes to Kyra Baldwin, Ella Oshri, Brendan Wang, and Jack Gilvary.

The 2nd Place team is Jake Blumengarten, Madelin Sims, Hailey Tucker, and Jack Mikutel. *

For the Middle Division of Presentation of Action Plan, 1st place goes to Abigail Blumengarten, Ava Mello, Arianna Slaughter, and Victoria DaSilva-Cargalheira.

In the Senior Division, 6th Place was Hailey Tucker, Jake Blumengarten, Jack Mikutel, and Madelin Sims. 3rd Place went to Tristen Skinner, Tanya Feldman, Malina Hreib, and Adniel Alonso. The 2nd Place team is Roymara Louissaint, Genesis Santiago-Gil, Cameron Driggers, Logan Shafer, and Charlotte Fletcher. 1st Place goes to Veronica Matsikh, Summer Barnes, Nigel-Ginola Njok, and Emma Coates.

For MAGIC Team Writing, Glynnis Gong was awarded 2nd Place, and Kylar Carroll and Samantha Newell came in 1st Place.

In Middle Division Scenario Writing, Liam Lafferty earned 1st Place *. Jack Mikutel was 3rd Place in the Senior Division for Scenario Writing, and Tanya Feldman was 4th Place in Scenario Performance.

Buddy Taylor Middle School

Finally, Buddy Taylor Middle School sent 15 students to States.

Derek Payne came in 3rd Place in Global Issues Individual Writing.
The Global  Issues Team Writing group, made up of Ethan Zverinsky, Josh Reyes, Jesus Rodriguez, and Brianna Long, earned 9th Place.

Kendon Reinert earned 1st Place honors in MAGIC Team Writing.

Large group of high school students in matching t-shirts

Flagler-Palm Coast High School FPS

Four high school students posing with award ribbons and trophy

Flagler-Palm Coast High School Global Issues Writing: 2nd Place, invited to international competition
L to R: Hailey Tucker, Jack Mikutel, Jake Blumengarten, Madelin Sims

Group of students holding school banner

Matanzas High School FPS

Student standing in ballroom holding trophy

Matanzas High School CMPS Individual: 1st Place - Ben Kopach

Group of seven high school students posing with blue ribbons and trophy

Matanzas High School CMPS Senior Team: 1st Place
L to R: Megan Rhee, Eva Luis, Olivia Chochev, Donald Khek, Lily Lisowski, Lorraine Wilson, Ava Muldoon

Group of nine middle school students in matching red t-shirts

Indian Trails Middle School CMPS Team Project: 1st Place
Top Row L to R:  Alex Berenblit, Garrett Tucker, Paris Milton, Riley Eidman, Sashvi Sagar
Bottom Row L to R:  Isaiah Jack, Ellah Cherry, Kendall Willis, Wesley Kopach

Large group of middle school students in matching t-shirts

Indian Trails Middle School FPS