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Instructional Technology

Buddy Taylor Middle School embraces the use of Apple products and technology, transforming our classrooms into innovative learning spaces. With a student population of 1347, technology plays a crucial role in enabling quick and efficient communication among students, teachers, and administrators. 

Our district's 1:1 student device initiative has revolutionized the way our students learn. Each student is equipped with an Apple device, empowering them to explore educational resources, conduct research, and develop essential digital skills. Additionally, through hands-on training, our students gain practical experience that prepares them for college or immediate employment opportunities in our county.

We are committed to leveraging instructional technology to prepare our students for the future. Watch our videos, where our students and teachers share examples of how technology enhances their learning experience and helps them excel in the classroom. These innovations are truly changing the game at Buddy Taylor Middle School.

Inspire. Imagine. Impact.

Video Transcript


Principal Cronk:

Hi! I’m Cara Cronk, the proud principal of Buddy Taylor Middle School in Flagler County, Florida. Come on in!

In 2006, I was part of the initial MacBook pilot program as a classroom teacher. I was amazed at how technology could be utilized to encourage innovation and creative thinking for both students and teachers. For the last 10 years, we have a one-to-one program in Flagler County that allows Apple technology to be embedded into the daily lives of all of our staff and students.



I like using my iPad because I can contact my teachers if I have any missing work. And a lot of our assignments are on our iPads so it’s easier for us to do them. Yes, we can access Canva through our iPads and make different projects that are very neat and creative. We can work together with our peers by giving each other access to what we’re doing in our assignments. We can do homework on our iPads and if we have to use math, we can access our calculators and stuff.


[Kids playing musical instruments…]


Speaker #1:

In our band class, students are able to record their assignments, and then I am able to pull them up and listen to them on the EEI app.


Speaker #2:

It’s just a way for them to get engaged into the activity. Like, they’re learning how to code, they’re learning how to practice the engineering principles. But, they actually get to do it. And without the Apple products, they just wouldn’t be able to do that.


Speaker #2:

I actually did some training at the school, and then I was able to pass along that knowledge to other teachers. And that’s been really supportive not only for the school, but also for the students as well. Things like using a green screen with iMovie, that’s the most recent one. But other trainings where using all the Apple products, such as Pages and Keynote and Numbers, for various lessons in school.


Speaker #3:

I use AirPlay on a daily basis in my classroom. It allows my intensive reading students to have access to a visual timer that helps them to support their learning and stay on track. We also use games for brain breaks as a spiral review to continue staying focused on our goal of increasing our reading skills. One of my favorite parts is being able to use my iPad to model the two-column notes that we are using for our reading comprehension classroom regularly.


Speaker #4:

Because of the creative nature of the Apple products, the media center can be collaborative and innovative. We use activities, such as stations in the library. And even our StarLab, which we brought in, uses a MacBook Pro that runs an interactive program.


Principal Cronk:

Flagler County’s commitment to providing our teachers and students with the latest technology and innovative instructional practices has had a far-reaching impact. Apple technology has leveled the playing field in education and has empowered all of our students with the ability to collaborate, problem solve, create, and learn, so they can all reach their full potential.